In partnership with Communities For Youth, the Department of Education is working with school districts to help administer The Idaho Youth Well-Being Assessment. The Idaho Youth Well-Being Assessment provides schools relevant, timely, actionable information for school leaders to make confident, data-driven decisions to support our students. Assessing student well-being helps schools measure success over time. Student well-being also contributes to academic outcomes such as attendance, grades, & graduation.

Administrators: What does participating in the Idaho Youth Well-Being Assessment entail?

  • Communicating with the Idaho Department of Education that you would like to participate
  • Working with your community to build student and parent awareness that the assessment is happening
  • Scheduling one class period for students who have parental permission
  • Conducting the assessment with students who have parental permission
  • Utilizing your data summary to celebrate successes and address areas in need of attention with your staff and students

School Benefits

  • School leaders get a deeper understanding of student experiences in their community
  • Data can be used to celebrate success and pinpoint areas in need of attention in real time
  • Data can be used to engage community partners & apply for funding

Contact Sophie Stokes to sign up for assessment and/or for administrative information.
Contact Katie Watkins for background information of assessment and/or resource ideas after data analysis report.

Frequently Asked Questions

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