In 2008, through Idaho Statute 33-1627, the Idaho legislature acknowledged that mathematical skills are increasingly important to the future academic and career success of Idaho students. To promote the improvement of mathematical instruction and student achievement, the statute calls for one or more of the following; high quality, ongoing professional development for Idaho educators, a statewide online mathematical instruction program for remedial and advancement opportunities and formative assessments to assist teacher in identification purposes. It is through this statute that the Idaho Math Initiative is funded.

Math Transitions Spring 2024 Professional Development

Idaho Math Transitions webinars and courses support high school mathematics teachers and leaders implementing the Idaho Math Transitions framework for high school mathematics.

Spring 2024 Math Meet-Ups

The Idaho Department of Education and the Idaho Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) invite teachers who have been working with the Building Thinking Classrooms strategies to join us for a Regional Math Meet-Up. These meet-ups will provide teachers an opportunity to participate in a demonstration lesson from a member of Peter Liljadahl’s team and discuss successes and challenges with their Building Thinking Classrooms implementation (sign up for the ICTM Building a Thinking State Webinars here).

Teaching Mathematical Thinking (TMT) Courses

TMT courses are offered by the Idaho Regional Math Centers in fall, spring and summer each school year both virtually and in person. Please expand the Teaching Mathematical Thinking (TMT) panel below to find the links to the TMT schedule and registration for each region.

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Idaho Regional Mathematics Centers Logo

The Idaho Regional Mathematics Centers are housed within the colleges of education at each of Idaho’s four-year institutions of higher education: Boise State University, Lewis-Clark State College, Idaho State University and University of Idaho. The diversity and geography associated with Idaho’s districts and schools necessitates a need for a statewide system of regional centers. Each center is staffed with Directors and Regional Specialists, all of whom have experience in K-16 mathematics education, designing and delivering professional development, instructional technologies, and educational research. Regional Math Center staff work collaboratively with the Idaho Department of Education to provide the best possible support for mathematics education in each region.

To find out additional information in regards to a specific region’s Mathematics Center, please visit one of the links below.

Idaho Mathematics Instructional infographic illustrating the different paths for math standards based on college major.

The Idaho Math Transitions Project is a partnership project led by Idaho’s Regional Math Centers and guided by the Idaho Math Transitions Steering Committee, the Idaho Department of Education, The Office of the State Board of Education and the Division of Career and Technical Education. The Idaho Department of Education offers a variety of professional development options for high school mathematics educators aligned to this statewide vision of high school mathematics education.

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Spring 2023 Professional Development Opportunities

These workshops and courses will engage high school mathematics educators in discussions about aligning high school mathematics courses to college and career pathways. They will also help educators implement the Idaho Content Standards for Mathematics using research-based instructional practices.

See Course Flyer for upcoming opportunities.

IDAPA states that all Idaho teachers or administrators working on interim certificates (alternate authorizations, nontraditional routes, reinstatements or coming from out of the state), with an All Subjects (K-8) endorsement, any mathematics endorsement, Exceptional Child Generalist endorsement, Blended Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education endorsement, or Administrator certificate must complete a state board approved Teaching Mathematical Thinking (TMT) as a one-time requirement for full certification (4-11-19).


As a part of the Idaho Math Initiative passed in 2008, a course was developed called Mathematical Teaching for Instruction (MTI). All teachers in Idaho who taught mathematics as well as administrators were required to take the course. This intensive professional development effort over a decade provided a strong foundation for high-quality mathematics education throughout the state. As the Idaho Math Initiative evolved, the Idaho Department of Education created Regional Math Centers at University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Lewis-Clark State College in addition to Boise State University. As more universities began to offer the course, the name was changed to Teaching Mathematical Thinking (TMT).

Presently, all teachers of mathematics and administrators in Idaho have taken either MTI or TMT as a part of the recertification process. The state approved mathematics course aligns to the standards and dispositions found within all of Idaho’s teacher and administrator preparation programs.

Educators who are new to the state or who did not learn the content of the TMT course in a preservice program are the only teachers who are now required to take the course. This requirement ensures that teachers entering the mathematics education community in Idaho have a common foundation on which to base collaborative conversations to promote high quality mathematics pedagogy across the state. It is highly recommended that all teachers of mathematics, instructional coaches and administrators in Idaho take this course even if it is not required for certification.

Our state is proud of the community of mathematics educators we have created through the Math Initiative and welcome those new to the profession and our state to join it.

Idaho Regional Math Centers & TMT Registration

Click on the link to the Regional Math Center (RMC) to see TMT courses and other professional development events. Contact the RMC Director for additional information

Region 1 Regional Mathematics Center at University of Idaho
Director: Dr. Julie Amador,


Region 2 Regional Mathematics Center at Lewis-Clark State College
Director: Dr. Kacey Diemert,


Regions 3 & 4 Regional Mathematics Center at Boise State University
Director: Dr. Michelle Carney,


Regions 5 & 6 Regional Mathematics Center at Idaho State University
Director: Angie Godfrey,

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Imagine Learning partners with the Idaho Department of Education to provide licenses for Imagine Math Pre K-2, and Imagine Math 3+ to Idaho students. Imagine Math (IM) is an online, supplemental math instruction and tutoring program that provides students with focused, computer-assisted instruction, rigorous math problems, access to live certified teachers, and a motivation program with rewards for working on math problems. It provides online content for students in Grades Kindergarten through Geometry. Currently, schools in more than 45 states across the country are using Imagine Math as a supplement to instruction and noticing increased student achievement.

Imagine Math works with the classroom teacher to tailor the online math instruction to the needs of the individual student. Classroom teachers can control the learning pathways students experience in the program. Students can access the program anywhere they get Internet access whether at home, at school, or in a library. The program has the ability to provide benchmark assessments and measure on-going student progress by integrating The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics by MetaMetrics®. Imagine Math Algebra and Geometry pathways can be used as part of credit recovery or intervention plan for high school students. There are also learning pathways for high school courses that integrate Algebra and Geometry. Documents describing the learning pathways for high school courses are available at Imagine Math in Idaho.

For guidance on using Imagine Math for credit recovery, please see the Using Adaptive Math Program for Credit Recovery Guidance document (located in the Files tab below).

Imagine Math training and ongoing support for districts is available free of charge and can be provided via webinar or onsite at the district or school level. A district can contact regional program managers to set up professional development at Imagine Learning in Idaho.

Information about the products and home use, for both educators and parents, is also available at Imagine Learning in Idaho.

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The Idaho Department of Education partners with the Idaho Council Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) to provide a variety of professional development opportunities. The department's Mathematics Coordinator serves on the ICTM Board of Directors to align the efforts of the Idaho Department of Education with ICTM. Idaho mathematics educators can stay informed about professional development and networking opportunities by joining ICTM at

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