In 2008, through Idaho Statute 33-1627, the Idaho legislature acknowledged that mathematical skills are increasingly important to the future academic and career success of Idaho students. To promote the improvement of mathematical instruction and student achievement, the statute calls for one or more of the following; high quality, ongoing professional development for Idaho educators, a statewide online mathematical instruction program for remedial and advancement opportunities and formative assessments to assist teacher in identification purposes. It is through this statute that the Idaho Math Initiative is funded.

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The Idaho Regional Mathematics Centers are housed within the colleges of education at each of Idaho’s four-year institutions of higher education: Boise State University, Lewis Clark State College, Idaho State University and University of Idaho. The diversity and geography associated with Idaho’s districts and schools necessitates a need for a statewide system of regional centers. Each center is staffed with Directors and Regional Specialists, all of whom have experience in K-16 mathematics education, designing and delivering professional development, instructional technologies, and educational research. Regional center staff work collaboratively with the Idaho State Department of Education and representatives from local industries, as well as faculty from higher education to ensure the best possible support is provided for each region.

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In partnership with the Micron Technology Foundation, the Idaho State Department of Education, through funding from the Idaho Math Initiative, assembled over 100 Math Fun d'Mentals kits for Idaho school districts to use when hosting a Family Math Night. The Math Fun d'Mentals kit helps students develop their mathematical understanding through active engagement in fun activities. These activities encourage students to build on what they already know, and to verbally express how they know it. The kit also helps to actively engage parents in their children's education.

The Department of Education's final assembly of the math kits was in the spring of 2010. The kits are available to your school by simply contacting a math kit contact representative and scheduling a check out date and time for a Family Math Night.

In 2007, the Idaho State Department of Education formed a joint task force committee to determine the needs and make recommendations regarding a statewide mathematics initiative. Based on the committee's recommendation, the Idaho state legislature and State Board of Education passed rule in spring of 2008 requiring all K-12 mathematics educators and administrators in the state to take a three-credit professional development course titled Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI).

The current approved alternate for the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI) course is the Teaching Mathematical Thinking (TMT) course.

Recertification Requirement

According to IDAPA, in order to recertify, prior to July 1, 2019, a select group of Idaho educators are required to take one of the three state approved MTI or TMT courses. The following educators are required to successfully complete the course:

  • Each teacher holding a Blended Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education (Birth - Grade 3) endorsement who is employed by a school district or charter school as a K-3 multi-subject or special education teacher
  • Each teacher holding an All Subjects (K-8) endorsement who is employed by a school district or charter school as a K-6 multi-subject teacher
  • Each teacher holding an All Subjects (K-8) endorsement, Mathematics – Basic (5-9 or 6-12) endorsement, Mathematics (5-9 or 6-12) endorsement teaching in a mathematics content classroom (grade six (6) through grade twelve (12)) including Title I who is employed by a school district or charter school; and
  • Each teacher holding an Exceptional Child Generalist endorsement who is employed by a school district or charter school as a special education teacher.

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Interim Certificates

Under IDAPA, all Idaho teachers or administrators working on interim certificates (alternate authorizations, nontraditional routes, reinstatements or coming from out of the state), with an All Subjects (K-8) endorsement, any mathematics endorsement, Exceptional Child Generalist endorsement, Blended Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education endorsement, or Administrator certificate must complete a state approved Mathematical Thinking for Instruction, or another State Department of Education approved alternative course, as a one-time requirement for full certification. An individual holding an expired Idaho certificate may be issued a nonrenewable three-year interim certificate. During the validity period of the interim certificate, the applicant must meet all current requirements listed for the specific certificate and endorsement(s) including the appropriate content, pedagogy, and performance assessments.

The TMT course can be taken in place of the MTI course to meet the requirement.

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According to IDAPA, when applying for certificate renewal, an automatic waiver of the mathematics in-service program requirement shall be granted for any certificated individual living outside of the state of Idaho who is not currently employed as an educator in the state of Idaho. This waiver applies only as long as the individual remains outside the state of Idaho or as long as the individual is not employed as an educator in the state of Idaho. Upon returning to Idaho or employment in an Idaho public school, the educator will need to complete this requirement prior to the next renewal period.

Modeling and Data Analysis Literacy (MoDAL) is a state-funded professional development project for secondary mathematics teachers in Idaho through Boise State University. The professional development focuses on using data analysis contexts to necessitate the mathematics found in the secondary standards and the connection to mathematical modeling.

About 400 teachers have completed week-long MoDAL Summer Institutes, leading to dozens of classroom activities completed by tens of thousands of Idaho children.

For additional information, please visit Boise State University’s MoDAL webpage.

Imagine Math (IM) is an online, supplemental math instruction and tutoring program that will help raise student achievement in Idaho by providing students with focused instruction, rigorous math problems, access to live certified teachers, and a motivation program with rewards for working on math problems.

Online Math Instruction

Imagine Math works with the classroom teacher to tailor the online math instruction to the needs of the individual student. Students can access the program anywhere they get Internet access whether at home, at school, or in a library. Currently, schools in more than 25 states across the country are using Imagine Math as a supplement to instruction and noticing increased student achievement.

Login to Imagine Math.

Measuring Student Progress

Every educator knows how critical it is to link assessment and instruction. While Imagine Math has always focused on improving student math performance with IM’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, rigorous adaptive software, and on-demand support from certified online teachers, IM has added the ability to measure on-going student progress by integrating The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics by MetaMetrics®.

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IM Credit Recovery

The Imagine Math computer-assisted program is available to utilize as curriculum for Algebra 1 credit recovery The IM curriculum option can be used to facilitate the instruction of the required core math content, by an Idaho certified, highly qualified teacher of record. The programs are simple to implement and monitor, and students will go through a rigorous set of coursework. The credit recovery pathway will give students a solid foundation in Algebra 1 and will prepare them for success in Geometry and future math courses.

IM's Algebra 1 credit recovery program initially enrolls students into a pathway of 62 "Target Lessons". The pathways were constructed in conjunction with the Idaho SDE. All lessons for the credit recover program are aligned to the Idaho Content Standards Algebra 1 course and the Idaho Algebra 1 standards.

Students begin by taking a brief placement test which will determine a student's readiness. Based on these results, additional pre-cursor lessons will be added into each student's pathway. Additionally, IM monitors student progress and adds additional pre-cursors as needed to fill students' learning gaps. When students are working outside of the classroom, they can get assistance from IM's live certified teachers.

The Imagine Math program does not qualify as a stand-alone course such as those offered through IDLA. Any computer-based program must be supervised by a properly certified and qualified "teacher of record" who must actually be present in the classroom throughout the sessions. If IM is used for math credit recovery, a math assignment code should be used when reporting in ISEE and the teacher of record facilitating the program must hold a math endorsement and be highly qualified in order to grant graduation credit.

Please see documents in the Resource Files tab below for both programs, including tools for monitoring student progress and grading. Documents on standard alignment are also included.

For Idaho Education Laws and Rules on High School Credit Requirements for Mathematics, please see IDAPA Please be aware that a credit recovery course must meet the appropriate content standards of the original course.


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IM training and ongoing support is available free of charge and can be provided via webinar or onsite at the district or school level.

Please contact your regional program manager to set up district training opportunities.