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Certification & Professional Standards »

(208) 332-6886

Certification & Professional Standards »

Sandra Bonas
Administrative Assistant
(208) 332-6884

Background Check Processing; District Access to Secure File Server; Professional Standards Commission Logistics

Certification »

Benjamin Greene
Technical Records Specialist II
(208) 332-6887

General Certification Questions and Application Status; Mail Processing and Receipting

Certification »

Jerry Jensen
Technical Records Specialist II
(208) 332-6882


Certification & Professional Standards »

Cina Lackey
(208) 332-6936

Assignment Credential Manual; Reporting and Funding; Be an Educator; National Board Professional Teaching Standards; Non-traditional Routes; Praxis II

Ethics »

Annette Schwab
Program Specialist
(208) 332-6864

Educator Ethics; Background Checks

Alternative Authorization »

Mandy Fulbright
Program Specialist
(208) 332-6885

Alternative Authorizations and Emergency Provisional; Assignment Credential Reporting and Funding; Become an Educator

Fingerprinting »

Lewis Coyne
Technical Records Specialist II
(208) 332-6883

Background Investigation Check/Fingerprint Packet Questions and Status; Fingerprint Card Packet Requests; Escrow Account Statement Requests

Professional Standards »

Helen Henderson
(208) 332-6879

Educator Preparation Program Reviews; Educator Preparation Standards; PSC Schedules, Membership, and Agendas;New or Revised Programs for Certification, Professional Endorsement