The Idaho English Learner (EL) Program assists school districts with federal and state requirements of English Language Learners (ELLs). This includes a statewide approach toward the identification and screening of ELLs. Once a student has been identified as an EL, and is receiving support services, the administration of an annual assessment to monitor English language growth and abilities is required until they meet program exit criteria. Idaho is a WIDA Consortium member state; therefore, we administer the WIDA suite of assessments. Each assessment is explained below.

The Assessment Department and EL Program Department work closely together to support school districts and ELLs. Information around program services from entry to exit and meeting state and/or federal requirements is referenced in the EL Program Department.

Operational logistics, vendor accounts, navigation, assessment training and data/reporting is housed within the Assessment Department. Assessment works closely with the EL Program as results from a screener determine whether a student enters and EL Program/ services. Depending upon a staff member’s role and/or district or school structure related to EL services, it is important to connect with both departments.

Many trainings and professional development opportunities will include program and assessment topics, as they intersect at many points. View the FAQ’s as a starting point as to which department to contact.

W-APT is an English language proficiency screener test given to incoming students to assist educators with the identification of students as English language learners. The W-APT version of the screener is administered to only Kindergarten students and first semester-first grade students.*

The W-APT is paper based only, and all needed forms and training manuals are located off the WIDA website. The administration of the W-APT should be one on one and all domains will be scored by a test administrator.

For Kindergartner students enrolling in first semester*, only administer the Listening and Speaking domains of the Kinder W-APT. The exception to this rule is when a student scores at the exceptional score descriptor in Listening/Speaking. The district can then immediately follow up on the Reading and Writing domains to determine whether the Kindergartner meets Screen Out criteria.

Please see the Identification and Screening, for K W-APT screen out criteria, and specifics regarding W-APT administration for Kindergarten, second semester students and first grader, first semester students.

The WIDA Screener (effective 2017-2018) is an English language proficiency assessment given to assist educators with the identification of students as English language learners. The purpose of this assessment is to help educators make decisions (according to state eligibility criteria) about whether a student is a candidate for English language support services.

WIDA Screener is for students in first grade-second semester* through twelfth grade. Kindergartners should continue to use W-APT Screener.

The WIDA Screener is available as either a paper-based or online assessment. Both versions assess the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Test administrators and those training others on how to administer the Screener must be certified via the WIDA Screener Training Course.

Important information about Idaho’s Screen-Out Criteria (New):
When administering the WIDA Screener for Grades 1-12, if a student scores at least a 4.0 in EACH domain of listening, speaking, reading and writing and an overall composite proficiency level of 5.0 or higher, this meets Idaho’s current definition of proficiency and the student should not be entered into EL services or coded as an ELL

2017-2018 Screen-Out
Kindergarten – 1st Semester K W-APT Listening/Speaking = 29+
Reading = 6+
Writing = 5+
Kindergarten – 2nd Semester K W-APT Listening/Speaking = 29+
Reading = 11+
Writing = 14+
1st Grade – 1st Semester K W-APT Listening/Speaking = 29+
Reading = 14+
Writing = 17+
1st Grade – 2nd Semester* WIDA Screener Composite Proficiency Level = 5.0
Listening = 4.0
Speaking = 4.0
Reading = 4.0
Writing = 4.0
2nd Grade -!2th grade* WIDA Screener Composite Proficiency Level = 5.0
Listening = 4.0
Speaking = 4.0
Reading = 4.0
Writing = 4.0

*Screen out criteria is the same for both paper and online WIDA Screener.

ACCESS 2.0 is the annual, summative assessment administered to Kindergarten through 12th grade students who have been identified as English language learners. The test window is typically open in late January and remains open for six weeks.

Currently, certification is required for test administrators on an every other year basis. If new to the role, or administering grades formerly not certified for, then certification for the specific grade and mode of test must be completed and passed prior to administering the test.

To start the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 training certification process you will need a account. Test administrators should contact their District Test Coordinator to set up the 2 needed accounts for WIDA Assessments. New District level staff can contact SDE Coordinator for needed accounts.

Annual Access 2.0 Calendar

Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is administered to students grades 1-12 identified as English learners with significant cognitive disabilities who are unable to meaningfully participate in the ACCESS 2.0 assessment. This is a paper-based assessment. Only students who meet the criteria for the ISAT (state testing) ALT are eligible for the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs test.


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