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The current Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) is given to all (K-3) public school students whom qualify. The IRI is an early reading diagnostic and screener for students in K-3rd grade. The screener is mandatory for Idaho public school students in the Fall and Spring with optional yearly progress monitoring.

  • While the Idaho State Department of Education does not currently have an alternate assessment that measures early literacy, districts can utilize other diagnostic tools to assess student’s emerging reading skills.
  • Scores from other diagnostic tools (Core Phonics) can NOT be correlated to the IRI skill level scale and should not be submitted to the SDE.
  • If a student has the IRI listed in their IEP, districts must adhere to it and assess accordingly.
  • The IRI is not subject to accountability calculations for participation.
  • The IRI can be administered to students Kindergarten-3rd grade.


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