Safe & Drug Free Schools (SDFS) at the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) helps districts and schools establish and maintain a safe and positive learning environment before, during, and after school. Students are far more likely to realize their academic and life skills potential in a supportive school climate that is safe and free from violence, drugs, and alcohol. Safe & Drug Free Schools provides technical assistance, guidance, and support on bullying, violence, drug, and alcohol prevention; addresses youth risk behaviors; and assists with emergency operations and crisis prevention.

Safe and Drug Free Schools Funding and Bullying Reporting

The Idaho legislature has allocated funds for school districts and public charter schools to implement substance abuse prevention measures and school safety improvements. The funding is based upon a formula, the details to which are included within the SDFS Funding Application.

To draw down funding, districts and charters are asked provide the following: a brief summary of outcomes related to previous Safe & Drug Free expenditures, describe a plan to train school staff in bullying prevention, as required by Idaho Code 33-1631, and submit a budget proposal. Funding availability is dependent upon available tobacco and lottery tax revenue. Drawdown requests for SDFS funds are conducted through the SDFS Funding Application, which is imbedded within the ISEE portal.

In an effort to streamline processes, the reporting of bullying incidents required by Idaho Code 33-1631 is imbedded within the Safe and Drug Free Schools application. The form includes definitions and reporting parameters and was designed to satisfy requirements with the least amount of burden.

To access the SDFS Funding Application, you must request assignment of the SDFS User role from your district Admin Tool user.


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