The Idaho Department of Education has been tasked by the Idaho Legislature and the State Board of Education (SBOE) to review, revise, and recommend changes to the Idaho Content Standards for Arts & Humanities, Computer Science and Educational Technology, Driver’s Education, Social Studies and World Language. The recommendations for 2023/2024 cycle will be presented to the legislature in January 2025.

Public comment is now open. Responses submitted through April 20, 2024 will be reviewed by the standards review committee. The review committee will consider actionable feedback into the initial draft and submit a draft to the State Board of Education in June 2024, as part of formal negotiated rule making.

Public Comment: 2023/2024 Content Standards Review

2022/2023 Committee Review Information

The Idaho Extended Content Standards (IECS) outline essential knowledge and skills for students with the most significant cognitive impairments (SCI) to access the general education curriculum and achieve high academic expectations. The ECS have been aligned with the newly adopted Idaho Content Standards (ICS) in English Language Arts/Literacy, Mathematics, and Science.

2022 Idaho Content Standards Webinars