Reinstatement of an Idaho Certificate

The process below is for individuals who hold an Idaho certificate that has expired. A non-renewable, three (3) year interim certificate may be issued to an applicant reinstating his/her expired Idaho certificate. During the time that you hold the three (3) year interim certificate, you must meet all requirements listed for the specific certificate and endorsement(s).

If the applicant meets all of the current certificate/endorsement requirements, a renewable five (5)-year certificate may be issued.

A complete packet must include the following items:

1. Completed and signed application Form B1.
2. Application Fee.

  • The fee is $75.00.
  • Checks and money orders are to be made payable to the State Department of Education. Credit Cards are not accepted at this time. Payment is non-refundable. Cash in the exact amount will be accepted for walk-ins.

3. Completed fingerprint card and $32.00 processing fee.

Once you complete the items above:

When your packet is completed and all requirements for a certificate is received and the fingerprinting/criminal history background investigation check is completed, the applicant will be issued an interim certificate valid for three (3) years expiring August 31 of the appropriate year.
While the applicant has the interim certificate, to get a valid five (5)-year credential, you must:

  • Meet current standards for the certificate(s) and endorsement(s) requested. All deficiencies noted on the interim certificate must be completed before the renewable five (5)-year initial Idaho certificate/credential will be granted.
  • You will need to turn in a new application, fee, and documentation to obtain the five (5)-year credential.

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